Our Cosmic Buddies come from the planet Titius.

Titius is located 50.4 astronomical units from Earth, between Neptune and Pluto. Titius is a world full of biodiversity, beauty, peace, respect and love. Titians existed long before humans. They are colourful, smart and small compared to human beings.

Titius - Cosmic Buddies home planet

The story begins on Titius when a mysterious object appears in the sky while the Cosmic Buddies are playing. Instead of being frightened, Grutius, Bobotius, Lili, Ned, Goratius and Maca desire to know the origin of this strange object.

Cosmic Buddies find a strange object

Without warning, a big, bright flash occurs from this mysterious object and magically transports the Cosmic Buddies to planet Earth.

Cosmic Buddies are transported to Earth