Let's meet all of the Cosmic Buddies characters!

Grutius and Rox (his balloon)

Aspect: Sweet Height: Miniature

Temperament: Grumpy

Among the Tituans, he is the smallest specie. He has the personality of a boss but he is not. He can be authoritarian sometimes. He is always defensive, doesn’t trust anybody and he often reacts to the situation with a negative outlook and will have to learn to have a positive mind in order to build a positive life. He will also learn how to be more patient and how to trust people and his friends.

Grutius has a philosophy of life which is somewhat narcissistic and retrograde. He thinks that being optimistic is a waste of time and he prefers to think negatively in order to have good news afterwards. Also, he thinks that working is too hard so he prefers to sit while the others work.

Grutius is proud and unfriendly but if you treat him well, he becomes docile and even shy sometimes (Especially with Lili, his cosmic friend). He lacks self-esteem and is in need of love and affection.

His loyal friend is Rox. Rox investigates and questions everyone in order to find out who was responsible for this mistake. He also has a curiosity about the truth of life and the universe and wants to learn. Rox’s sweet attitude will have kids falling in love with him.

Grutius and Rox

Bobotius Jr.

Aspect: Gentle Height: Tall (like Bigfoot)

Temperament: Passive and Sweet

The Bobotius were considered the slaves of the Tituans a long time ago. Bobotius are harmless and humble. Bobotius junior is Grutius’s friend. He provides the sweet nature that Grutius needs to balance, learn and grow. Bobotius has all the characteristics of a Bigfoot. Bobotius doesn’t usually talk much. He is very intelligent and he is in love with Lili, even if they’re just friends.

Bobotius will learn how to grow up and take risks when needed. He will show us that he can become a leader and that good always triumphs over bad. He is a protector and all his friends sleep in his warm arms every night to feel safe.


Aspect: Quirky, colourful, open and attractive Height: Tall and thin

Temperament: Impulsive, outgoing, charming, passionate and flirtatious

Lili is the only girl. She always sees the positive side in life. Lili is very smart, loves reading and learning new things. She is temperamental and she reacts with anger sometimes. She is a passionate monster who helps the group by coming up with strategies in order to get back home or to achieve their goals on Earth. She is enthusiastic, cautious and intelligent.

She always carries her shoes around because she has not learned how to put them on yet. Ned and Lili are always together trying to find solutions to their problems. She will eventually fall in love with Ned because they share the same point of views, interests and passion for physics and chemistry. Lili will be on the look out for her soulmate.

Later on in the story she will find her soulmate, it will be the one who helps her tie her shoelaces. She will learn how to be brave in tough situations, how to cook or find food in order to take care of herself and her friends. Lili will discover her passion for movies and will go to Hollywood to achieve success and fame as an actress.



Aspect: Very smart Height: Normal

Temperament: Humble

Ned is nerdy (Like Sheldon Cooper from “Big Bang Theory”). He is descendant of the inhabitant of the planet Neptune known for their great achievements in science. At a very young age he already has the knowledge of a physician. Ned loves video games.

He is sweet but sometimes doesn’t know how to express his feelings because he is shy. Ned will learn how to express his emotions, control his bad behaviour and help find the reason they are on Earth. He believes God created the universe and that we are all made by small particles of energy together. He will share his beliefs with Lili and his friends in order to create a galaxy transporter in hopes to come back to Titius and tell their parents all the great adventures they had on planet Earth. Ned will be the one who informs his friends about new technologies and he will be the first one to take a flight to discover another continent.


Goratius and Maca

Aspect: Gorilla Height: Very Big

Temperament: Rude

These characters are bound together by a belt and are inseparable and evil. They can’t live without each other.

Goratius is Maca’s bodyguard. After the bright flash happened and they were sent to Earth, they were the only ones that suffered the radiation from the secondary effects of space warp. After this, they started to spend all their time thinking about how they could cause harm to their partners, but then they start to feel guilty and they try to improve themselves and become better friends. When they are mean, their colour is darker and when they are good, their colour is brighter. Maca looks like a bat.

Before the story ends they eventually learn that being good is better than being bad and they win the fight against their urges to be bad and become stronger in doing so. Even though they are friends they sometimes rebel against each other. During their adventures around the world, not only will they learn new languages but they will also learn how to be respectful, how to share and how to love each other. Goratius is strong and practices boxing. His experience will teach him how to think by himself and make his own decisions without being pressured or controlled by Maca (the little brain of the team).

Goratius and Maca