Cosmic Buddies Town is a City Builder game, in which our goal is to create the best possible environment for our characters to live. Each character has a different personality which brings their own abilities to the game.

Each character performs their activity within a building which is unlocked as the game advances and the user reaches a certain experience level. The buildings generate different resources which can be used to help decorate the island and build new elements. The resources can be obtained in two ways: firstly you can obtain resources gradually over time, and the other, each building has a mini-game associated that allows us to access a greater number of resources based on how well you perform in the mini-game.

The story begins when our planet Titius' native characters find a strange piece of metal, which turns out to be a spaceship that transports them to Earth. The characters are in an open area beside the sea and surrounded by forest. We start playing we the first of our characters, Grutius and Rox, who give us directions to the nearby forest to gather wood and build our shelter, where we can play the first of the mini-games.

Once we've built our refuge next to our characters, Bobotius Jr. shows us how to collect food. This will be essential for our characters to have the energy to perform tasks!

When we've passed the necessary stages, the next of our characters, Lili, appears and advises us to build a metal mine. The resource will allow us to add decorations to our island, which in turn will increase the welfare of the characters. It can also be used to help build new buildings.

The last of our characters appear, Ned, the brainiac of the group. Ned will tell us how to extract gems, which also serve to buy decorative items. You can research these in your lab to find new ways to improve the buildings and create new gems that give you more resources faster to increase the welfare of our characters. Other inventions of Ned at advanced levels include the energy converter that can convert resources in energy units for mini-games.

While we're playing, Goratius, who suffered side effects from the trip to Earth, will try to sabotage our work, attacking the premises and stealing resources. Occasionally, this character and his minions will attack by surprise and you must be prepared to repel them. For that you need to invest in building security turrets and traps using the proceeds from our buildings. Wooden turrets are the most basic, and you'll be able to get better weapons and iron using Lili and Ned's ideas. The attacks will be resolved with a "Tower Defence" mini-game.


  •   Construction and maintenance of the city
  •   Collection and management of resources
  •   Custom decorating of your area
  •   Defend and protect the city
  •   Play mini-games to get rewards
  •   Cooperative multiplayer mode
  •   Competitive multiplayer mode based on challenges through mini-games