The little ones of the house will learn and play with their new friends from outer space by helping them return back to their planet Titius. While interacting with their new space friends they will acquire knowledge about all the different countries and cultures around the world.

With this fun cultural-learning adventure, the kids will develop their cognitive skills, improve their reflexes, shape identification and good principles (like friendship and pet caring).

Every character brings a different set of important values to the children: living in society, friendship, love, respect, natural survival, education and much more.

The Cosmic Buddies games will allow children to play in a world full of colour, biodiversity, beauty, peace, respect, love. The game is filled with little monsters which are interesting and fun to play with. It’s a cultural learning game that will help to develop memory, and shape identification principles.

With Cosmic Buddies, kids will be able to go all over the world with their outer space friends, learn, invite and challenge their friends in video games available on mobile and PC/Mac platforms. Kids will be able to compete for the first ranks with the additional mini-games.

  •   2/3 video games with a lot of fun where kids can learn while they play
  •   1 TV series (20-26 chapters 25 min each in 2D/3D)
  •   Merchandising (online shop with t-shirts, cellphone covers, teddy bears, tennis shoes, etc.)
  •   Social Network for kids (ref.: Club Penguin)
  •   Animated Educational series for children between 1 to 7 years old